Investing in Gold – Why Bullion Is Better Than Numismatics

Investing in gold is a great option for many people. There are two types of gold that people invest in and it is important for you to understand each one before you make any moves on your own investments. Bullion is gold that is made in the form of coins, scraps, and gold bars that is sold specifically for the purpose of investing. The other type of gold that is available is known as numismatic coins. These coins are valued and graded based on their various properties, and are usually best suited for collectors who are looking for a hobby and an investment at once.

Bullion is cheaper to buy in the first place and will retain its value far longer than numismatic coins. Even if you buy a coin that is worth $20,000, it will likely cost you at least 2-3 times as much as the same amount of bullion would. Because of the collectible value of the coin, it becomes more expensive to purchase in the first place. When you need a good, solid investment option, investing in gold bullion is always the best.

Numismatics is also more complex to deal with and requires a lot more effort in the process of procuring, valuing, and selling at a later date. Not only do these coins have monetary value, but they also have historical and collectible value. Therefore, these are all elements that will affect your investment. When you are investing in gold bullion, all you have to worry about is the actual investment that you make in the gold. Bullion only has one value: its market value. If you can keep up with the markets, you’ll never have to calculate, wonder, or consider what you might have in terms of value in your investment.

If you are someone who is looking for a new hobby and an investment at the same time, numismatics should be quite a fine option. If, however, you want to have an investment that is easy, tangible, and worth a lot of money, gold bullion is what you should be putting your money in. Many coin companies and gold dealers will try to lure you into the world of numismatics because they can make more money from you that way, but bullion is your best option when it comes to the safekeeping and easy management of your gold investment. Think about these things before you make your own gold investments.


Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins: What You Should Know Before Investing – Scottsdale Bullion & Coins